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  • ASICS Tiger

    Asics is a lifestyle brand that infuses Japanese heritage with a contemporary flair. Its new collection of updated designs and classic silhouettes continues to deliver high quality products among streetwear brands. 

  • Birkenstock

    With more than 230 years of experience in the fine art of shoemaking, choosing Birkenstock means choosing peerless comfort, utmost quality and the best natural materials possible.

  • Converse

    Converse is Sneakers. And Converse is Change. We started on the court and got adopted on the street. We began as a rubber company to make sneakers and boots, and then we found basketball and reinvented the sport. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker became the court sneaker; it stood for the game. From there we moved into other sports with new sneaker silhouettes like the Pro Leather, the Star Player, and the Weapon. The Star Chevron showed up and became another Converse symbol. And just when we seemed to be destined for athletes only – something happened.

  • Crep Protect

    Crep protect is an invisible, optically clear protective barrier over your shoes once the product has been sprayed on, beading liquids to reduce stain and dirt deposits.  Surfaces treated with the product repel most liquids, making cleaning as easy and sufficient as the wipe of a damp cloth.

  • Daniel Wellington

    Minimalistic and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps truly has wide-ranging appeal. Over the years this design is an important part of what makes Daniel Wellington so special. The traditional, yet crisp design blends together perfectly with the colourful NATO strap and elegant leather strap which will appeal to almost everyone with a sense for classic and timeless design.

  • Lee

    Lee is the signature of quality, innovation and durability. Lee became a legendary brand by continuing to make history with its products; having demonstrated the passion of innovation for over 120 years, transforming from a practical and durable workwear maker to a contemporary and trendy fashion giant. 

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